Water is one of the greatest dangers to our homes and commercial structures. Over time, water is stronger and does more damage than hydrochloric acid. Under ideal conditions, the proper materials and quality workmanship, natures water can be controlled and redirected away from valuable components of your living and working structures, thus saving them, adding beauty and longevity


A perfect balance of

Form and function

Every homeowner wants gutters and gutter protection that
1. Look good


2. Function properly the way they should.

KJGR LLC combines form and function to give you a product that you are proud to have on your home and you are confident that works the way it should.

The innovation in gutter protection that leaves other products in the dust.

Book your free estimate today and we will beat all major gutter protection company's comparable estimate in price, service, and warranty. 


Gutters take a beating

Without proper protection gutters get clogged with debris and then over-run with water. They become nests for pests and vermin. When they are made from vinyl they warp in the heat of the sun and crack in the cold of winter. 


Gutters fill up faster than you think

It only takes missing one season of cleaning your gutters to make your gutters look like a planter full of Mother Nature's bounty. A cornucopia of dirt and rotting vegetation that will facilitate the introduction of water, pests, and vermin into your roof line and then into your home.


Leaky gutters are  unfortunate 

When gutters are old and the original sealant is past it's life, your gutters will leak and cause damage to your fascia, soffit, basment, crawlspace and foundation. Our 60 year Tripolymer will stand the test of time with gutter expansion and contraction.

Falling gutters

There are times when gutters are not installed correctly.
When gutters are not installed correctly and/or with inferior products and accessories, your gutters will become dislodged and fall possibly causing damage to your home and or injury to an unsuspecting person. 

KJGR only uses the highest grade gutter fasteners to attach to the fascia and roof rafters

Gutters must be cleaned often to protect your home from the dangers of rainwater.
Some of the problems and dangers are fascia and soffit rot, foundation cracks, moisture in basements and crawlspaces and when you, the homeowner, attempt to climb a ladder and clean your gutters yourself. 
Gravity is not your friend.
Many people are injured every day attempting to climb a ladder to clean and maintain their gutters. To maintain your saftey with your feet planted firmly on the ground...Call us

Our services and products includes...

1. 5 inch and 6 inch K-style Aluminum seamless gutters, xdin 28 colors, 3 Armortough coatings and 2 premium metals

2. LeafBlaster Pro gutter protection.

3. Gutter cleaning and maintainance.



Warranty and Service are especially important when it comes to your piece-of-mind and our commitment to quality. 

Our Warranty is one of the most robust in the industry, it includes:

2 years on labor

60 years on seals (no leaks)

Lifetime 'No Rust'

Lifetime, transferable 'no gutter clog' on our LeafBlaster Pro gutter protection



Our customers hold our services to a high regard and they appreciate the quality, warranty and service we provide.
T. Everest -Atlanta
'KJGR LLC was knowledgable from start to finish. They found things that other companies just either missed or over looked. I highly reccomend this company.'
R. Scott-Covington
'KJGR did it right, the first time. I am very pleased with the work and the price.
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